General Assistance Program (GAP)

David Nelson
DENR Director
Lakota Nordvold
DENR Executive Assistant

The General Assistance Program is responsible for the overall supervision of the DENR’s various programs. To ensure that Tribal needs are being met (along with complying with Federal mandates), the GAP Program analyzes and develops components of the long-term environmental goals and objectives of the Tribe and coordinates all environmental activities that occur on the Reservation. The GAP Program also operates various outreach activities in tribal communities and continues to increase the technical capabilities of the DENR staff and GIS mapping systems.

The GAP Program enables the DENR to develop and draft codes. We have extracted and reviewed other Tribal, State, and Federal Agencies codes and statutes from surrounding jurisdictions to compare with our regulations. This has assisted the Tribe in developing regulations, codes, and statutes that strengthen our enforcement capabilities thus protecting the Tribes Sovereignty and Jurisdiction. (add map of CRST)

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Map

The GAP Program also enables the DENR to investigate and determine the proper response to potentially hazardous spills and illegal dump sites. If you want to report a spill or illegal dump site, contact the DENR immediately (calls will remain anonymous).

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