Table 1

Public Record (during reporting period):

Sites at which response actions (cleanups) are planned or have been completed:

Site Name -*

 Holloway Garage



If cleanup has been completed, date action was completed

  October 8, 2004


Date action is planned

  September 7, 2004





Name of owner at time of clean-up

 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe





Type of site *






Site street address, City, State, Zip

Main Street Pioneer Avenue Eagle Butte, SD 57625






Latitude/ Longitude

 44* 59' 51.7"   101* 14, 3.6"






Is Institutional Control in place? (Y/N)







Type of Institutional Control


 Propriety controls (Tribal)





Summarize nature of contamination at site

 Soil & Air






Site size in acres







*   Typical types of sites include landfills, abandoned buildings, petroleum/service stations, junk yards, meth labs, mine-scarred lands, etc.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 

Department of Environmental

and Natural Resources


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